Complimentary Items

To help keep supplies close to hand when you are out and about, we provide a whole range of complimentary items with your first order.

All customers will receive a FREE versatile holdall to keep supplies discreetly safe. The holdall comes with detachable sections to fit into pockets or handbags and comes unbranded in a wipeable finish.

The holdall contains the following complimentary items:

  • Hand mirror
  • Curved scissors
  • Moist wipes
  • Dry wipes
  • Disposal bags
  • Clothes peg – to keep loose clothing out of the way during application
  • Hand sanitiser spray

With all subsequent orders, we can provide FREE disposal bags and wipes.  We also provide a range of additional supplies to help keep you comfortable including bed pads and night bag stands – just ask us, we’re here to help!

When you join the me+™ programme, you can also receive a complimentary accessible toilet key and 'can’t wait' card – for use in shops and other public places.

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Peace of Mind

You never need to worry about having enough supplies, our ordering and delivery service is simple, reliable and discreet, leaving you free to focus on getting on with your day.

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We are able to provide support and expert advice on all aspects of your stoma or continence needs. Always caring for you.

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You are unique

To us, every customer is an individual.

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