Tips for travelling with a stoma

Published by Sorin Tudorut

The idea of taking long trips with a stoma can seem daunting. But with a little extra preparation, you can enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

We understand that there are specific questions you may have to help you prepare before travelling. Some of these are:

  • Will I be able to get travel Insurance?
  • What do I need to think about if I am travelling by plane?
  • Will I need to explain to airport security or customs that I have a stoma?
  • Will my bag stay in place in the heat?
  • Can I swim in the hotel pool or sea?
  • Will eating different foods affect my output?
  • What will I need to pack?

To get answers to all of these questions and simply register with ConvaTec me+ and receive exclusive access to support and tips on holidaying abroad or at home. Members can also request a FREE Holiday Advice Guide which covers everything from travel insurance to getting through customs as well advice on feeling confident in your holiday clothes and swimming.

The me+ lifestyle advisors are also on hand to provide FREE help and advice. You can speak to them by calling 0800 467 866 UK / 1800 721 721 ROI M‍onday-F‍riday, 9:00am-5:‍00pm.

Travelling with a stoma